I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wisma Bahasa and found it incredibly helpful for my language learning. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the whole operation and i am particularly grateful for the efforts made to tailor the program to suit my personal needs. Thank you very much.

Kate Stevans
Course date: April 2008 ——

Terima kasih. Saya menemukan kebahagiaan saya dengan belajar disini. Saya mau kembali dan belajar lagi.

Melinda Good – World Bank
Course date: 4 – 13 Juli 2008 ——

The pedagogical principles employed at WB are great- having teachers from many parts of the archipelago (different peaking styles) is very helpful. Most important, I learned a lot of it was so fun! Saya suka belajar BI di WB! Terima kasih.

Rob Lawson
Course date:

Office staff are fantastic! Very helpful and efficient. Thanks for your help.

Edgar Janz – OXFAM
Course date:

I felt that my Indonesian really improved at WB. Very happy with self-study materials. They really helped. I loved the FT and wish I had time to do more. Would be good to have more group activities arranged by WB like the desa FT I attended.

Ruth Pitt – Individu
Course date: 9 January – 2 February 2007 —-

Sudah sempurna. Teachers skills compilented each other to providea balanced and blended curriculum delivery. The environment was comfortable for absorsing new knowledge. Recommend no changes, but instead suggest WB remain committed to current style and method. I plan to return for further study in future.

Ben William – Individual
Course date: 3 October – 28 November 2006 —-

Perfect place to feel at hence after just some days. Place to meet interesting people from all of the world… nice people, nice teachers, nice staff, one of the best food I’ve ever eates… I felt at home!! Thank you for those days! (I’ll recommence you to all my friends that want to learn the language)

Serena Muller – Muenster University Germany
Course date: 3 – 13 October 2006 —-

Terimakasih banyak atas segala bantuan. Tiga minggu yang lalu saya tidak bisa membaca apa-apa, apalagi menulis atau berbicara. Sekarang saya merasa lebih yakin dan lebih dipersiapkan untuk pekerjaan saya. Hal yang paling penting, saya suka sekali Bahasa Indonesia dan saya mau berbicara selancar-lancarnya. Saya akan rindu Wisma Bahasa.

Hollin Dickerson – The Asia Foundation
Course date: 5 – 26 September 2006 —-

This is the third language program I have done and easily the best. It mixes very well professional language training with an informal friendly atmosphere. Thanks, I had a good time and think I learn a lot too.

Matthew Zurstrassen – World Bank
Course date: 1 – 16 February 2007 —-

It’s wonderful to have the possibility to make also shorter courses however is the best for the individual situation is! Thank you very much! I had excellent and intense 4 days here!

Sandra Ripke – Individual
Course date: 22 – 27 February 2007 —-

I am thrilled to complete a fantastic program at Wisma Bahasa. I revised lots of language, translated a large number of appropriates stories that I will use at school, learnt some wonderful songs in Indo and Javanese to teach my students and renewed friendships with WB staff. I intent to write an article promoting WB in melb in the Indo magazine. Thank you all so much.

Irene Ritchie – Indivual
Course Date: 08 – 19 January 2008 —-

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